Critique! 7 – Linkin Park – Recharged


Released on October 25th, Linkin Park’s “Recharged” is now (11/3) #4 on the US iTunes bestsellers list.

The cover is a combination of pastel colors with many 3d elements, composited images, and highly abstract shapes and objects. The type treatment is unassuming and has plenty of breathing room.

linkin park

“Writing music in this band is like having a very intimate relationship with a schizophrenic, manic, bi-polar person,” he laughed. “One minute, you’re having a conversation with a person, the next, everything’s changed, and they’re throwing knives at you. We skip around like that, you know? I have no f—ing clue where the band is going to go, but I can tell you writing is going very well, and it’s a very inspired time right now.”


This statement might also be speaking to the final album cover. Everything, including the cover seems disjointed and like a mishmash. I have no idea what the concept behind this was. There are too many things going on which are indecipherable.

What do you think?