Critique! 6 – Katy Perry “PRISM”


Katy Perry’s new album PRISM was released on itunes on October 22nd. The cover features a close up of Katy Perry in a field of sunflowers with the sun in the background. The photograph was taken by Ryan McGinley. Framing the image is a greenish border with flowers. 


The border was a poor choice and I’m not sure why it was used. It doesn’t add anything to the image. If anything, it detracts from the photograph and makes it look cheap. The centered layout of the photo, combined with the bland color choices, unnecessary borders, and weak typographic treatment contribute to a less than stellar cover. There is very low contrast and no part of the photo that really draws the eye.

There have also been a few different versions of this cover online, including one with a rainbow gradient over the photo. I don’t know if there’s ever a good reason to use a rainbow gradient. The other photos from the photoshoot look nice though.

What do you think?