Critique! 8 – Mat Zo – Damage Control


Mat Zo’s debut album “Damage Control” was released on iTunes on November 5th.
The album cover depicts a widening crack on a ground surface ending/ beginning at a point where there is a silhouette of a man standing. 


An article on Dancing Astronaut reveals, “In a similar vein to Random Access Memories, Damage Control looks to the past for inspiration. “I was listening to a lot of 60′s and 70′s soul, punk, and pop — a lot of old music,” Zo explains.

There is great use of White space and contrast. There is also a nice feeling of distance with no additional visual cues aside from the large crack in the “ground”. Looking closely at the figure in the background you’ll notice that the man is casting a shadow which is a nice detail. The psychedelic marbling effect may be a reflection of the type of music on the album. I like how the treatment of the cover makes me think about how/if it depicts the title. Is the silhouette of the man in the background causing this earthquake or putting an end to it? The small cracks that emimate from the larger chasm are also nice details. The minimalist approach works well here.


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