Critique! 2


On September 17th Maybach Music Group released Self Made Vol.3, a compilation of various artists including Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Wale, and Omarion. The album features a golden “3” on a plain black background with the title written underneath in metallic gold type. The “3” is the prominent part of the design and is very well done. The gold interpretation of flourishes from the US dollar bill was well executed and conveys a rich quality. Adding any extraneous flourishes in the background would have detracted for the bold eye-catching design. There was a refreshing departure from the look of the previous two releases (Self Made Vol.1 & 2), which featured a group shot of the artists.



Alternate artwork was also created to mimic the lettering on a US dollar bill and is being used for promotional purposes on iTunes. This design is not as strong and has more of a gritty quality due to the textures used.

I would have liked to see an “M” in the typography instead of the MMG logo replacing the “M”. Maybe the MMG logo could have been placed between the two words. There could have also been a little less lens flare, and more of a natural shine but overall, I think the concept and design is a success.

What do you think?


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