Critique #1


Everyone loves a good critique every now and then. Well, I’d like to make “Critique!” a weekly series. “Critique” will be dedicated to analyzing and reviewing cd/album/mp3 cover design and artwork. Many blogs and websites are focused on the music and neglect to mention the album artwork, and that’s where we come in!

When posting opinions or comments they should be positive and constructive.

Let’s start the first official Critique with Drake’s new album, “Nothing Was The Same”.
The illustration was done by Kadir Nelson, whom also created the cover art for “Michael” by Michael Jackson. In the illustration Drake’s present self appears to be looking off into the distance or past while his younger self seems to be looking forward to the future. The background is a slightly cloudy blue sky which may be representational of clarity.


I don’t particularly think the likeness is quite there, and I wish there was more of an expression on Drake’s face. I do admire the realistic approach and when viewing his other works i respect his artistic voice. The skin tone seems too dark and I’m also not thrilled with the sky background. There could have been some different colors integrated to give the artwork more depth and to bring in another dimension. Even the shadows in the face might have benefited from some subtle blue or purple tones. The blue sky feels generic and unimaginative.

The title of the album is small and located in the bottom left corner of the image, which when viewed at thumbnail size on itunes and other digital distributors, may be difficult to read.

In a statement from Drake he says that the artwork represents, “most clean, and concise thoughts from now, and my best recollection of the past” –

With this statement in mind I wish there were more thought put into this.

What are your thoughts?


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